Achi-Ezer Fund

The Achi Ezer Fund is a non-profit charitable organization founded in October 2006 in Israel, by friends of Achi Racov.

The Fund’s Main Goals:

  1. Commemorating Achi Racov in Educational Institutes and Research & Development projects concerned with Advanced Technology in Computer Science, Neuroscience and Bio-Technology.

  2. Commemorating Achi in unique projects, study programs or institutes where the main objective is to introduce youth to Ballet, Classical Music or Opera.

  3. Granting scholarships and supporting students in all subjects mentioned in Clause (1) in a way that represents the spirit of Achi’s work.

  4. Fundraising in Israel and worldwide to promote and achieve the Fund’s goals.

2007 Plans:

2007 marked the fifth anniversary of Achi’s passing. The founders of the Fund have found an appropriate venture to commemorate his memory – The Jerusalem College of Engineering. The endeavor of the Fund is to contribute $1m towards a laboratory complex within the Campus in Achi’s memory. We feel that the spirit of the college, the high standard of education, the dedication of the staff and the close relations with the most advanced industries, make it an appropriate way to commemorate him. Moreover, we believe Achi would approve the support of this particular college because they encourage girls to study engineering, they support new immigrants, and they go out of their way to help the underprivileged with the tuition fees. Predominantly however, he would have appreciated the fact that the college adopted a policy of following the industry’s needs, thus reducing the gap between the knowledge of the young engineers and the industry’s requirements.

The College is a non-profit organization and was founded in October 1999 to meet the major requirements for talented engineers by Hi-Tech growing industry in Jerusalem. For more details visit

2008 Plans:

The management of the Fund has decided to direct the monies contributed in 2008 towards The Israeli Opera House. This will enable the Opera House to establish an educational program to increase accessibility of the under-privileged from the periphery of Israel to the Opera in Tel Aviv. The cost of one program ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 NIS (about $3,500 or £2,400).

2009-2010 Plans:

Some delays with the building project at the Jerusalem College of Engineering due to the economic crisis, together with the wish to execute the goals of the Fund, made the management reconsider its commitments and reallocate its resources:

  1. The Fund will continue to support The Jerusalem College of Engineering, however it will split the allocation between the building project and a program to encourage and support students with excellent achievements.

  2. The Fund will also continue to support the Israeli Opera House. This will enable the Opera House to extend the successful educational programs. Highlights of the first Opera Concert sponsored by The Fund can be watched on the “events” page on this site.

  3. New plans for 2009 include the support of a new program to encourage Excellence of Engineering students (studying at the Kinneret College) by providing them with a full fees scholarship.

2011 Plans:

The last few months of 2010 were a turning point regarding the main commemoration project of the Fund. Due to delays and changes with the building project of the Jerusalem Engineering College, the management searched for an alternative. Finally, it was decided to contribute, together with the Rashi Foundation, 5 million NIS towards the construction of an Engineering School within the premises of the Kinneret College. Building works are scheduled to commence this year. Below is an illustration of the planned "Achi Racov Engineering School" on the shores of the Sea of Gallilee.

Achi Racov Engineering School

We are also continuing to make available to the two colleges a program for excellent students, providing each of them with full tuition fees and a laptop. The future activities with the Israeli Opera House depend on further fundraising.

2012 Plans:

The construction works of the Achi Racov Engineering School on the premises of the Kinneret College were started in August 2011 and are scheduled for completion in October 2012 as planned. The Fund's management is following closely the progress and is busy planning the Inauguration Ceremony planned for 16th December 2012, which is also marking the 10th anniversary of Achi's passing.

The fund continues to support the two programs for excellent engineering students in both the Jerusalem College of Engineering and the Kinneret College. Unfortunately attempts to secure funds to continue the program in Jerusalem were not successful and 2012 will mark its last year of operation.

2013 – 2014 Plans:

After the completion of the building of Achi Racov Engineering School, the management of the fund agreed to contribute towards different programs. Four such programs were chosen for the years 2013 – 2014:

  1. Kinneret College – Excellency program in science for teenagers.

  2. Young Adults Center in Ofakim – DocAviv Festival (documentary films festival)

  3. Appleseeds Academy Net@ - technological Youth movement

  4. Kinneret College – Annual academic conference at the Achi Racov Engineering School

2015 - 2016 plans:

In 2015 – 2016 the fund will contribute to the following projects:

  1. Appleseeds Academy – Net@ - technological Youth movement

  2. Kinneret College – sponsoring an annual exhibition of excellent engineering projects.

  3. Moona a space for change – building quad copters

  4. ALPHA – "Hadarim" project.

  5. Batsheva Dance company – "Kamuyot" performance for youth