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A short film from the Inauguration ceremony

Filmed report on the inauguration ceremony

December 16th marked the 10th anniversary of Achi's passing and the inauguration of the Achi Racov Engineering School at the Kinneret College, by the Sea of Galilee. The ceremony was followed by a special evening where friends, colleagues and family shared memories, anecdotes and special moments of Achi's life. More than 200 people attended the ceremony, 17 of whom arrived from abroad which added a special flavor to the event.

A special key was handed to Professor Jacob Bear, Dean of the Engineering School, as a reminder to all those using the building that it should be a home to Excellence, Creativity, Innovativeness and Entrepreneurship.

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On October 27th 2011, the Kinneret College held a Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Achi Racov Engineering School. Approximately eighty people attended the event, among them all the members of the Funds General Assembly, past and present.

Five speakers honoured the ceremony; Mr Elie Elalouf, CEO of the Rashi Foundation, Yael Racov from the Achi Ezer Fund, Ret. General Ilan Biran, Chairperson of the Kinneret College Managing Committee, Mr. Yossi Vardi, Head of the Jordan Valley Council, and Prof Arie Ratner, President of the Kinneret College.

During the ceremony a scroll was buried in the ground floor of the building stating, amongst other things, that “In this building – named in honour of Achi Racov – engineering studies, knowledge and know-how will be developed and encouraged. Achi believed human curiosity and human intelligence to bring progress…”

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On the 13th of December 2009 another Opera concert, sponsored by the Fund, took place in the Arab-Christian Village of Ilaboun. It was the 5th concert produced as a result of the collaboration between the Israeli Opera House and the Fund. After three successful performances to a mixed audience in Eilat, Ma-alot and The Jordan Valley, we returned to an audience that has never been exposed to Opera. The evening was directed by Mr Michael Ajzenstadt, the Art Director of the Israeli Opera, and the Arias were performed by five singers accompanied by a pianist.

The people of Ilaboun were overwhelmed with the performance and treated the singers as Rock Stars….They asked for another one next year.

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The first Opera performance sponsored by the Fund took place on December 15th 2008. It was the first time that the Israeli Opera House had produced “An Hour of Opera” – a performance aimed at adults. The show included Arias from famous Opera productions sung by five singers, together with some background about Opera, basic terms and the story of each Aria.

The audience consisted of a young community in the Druze village of Mrar in the north of Israel. The people from the young community of Mrar have never been to the Opera, never listened to it on the radio, and in fact have only vaguely heard of it.

The evening was hosted by a very special guest; Miss Mira Awad, who is an ex-opera singer and today a popular singer within the Arab community, and a well-known actress. At 20:30, just as the performance was about to start, Mr. Madjadla, The Science, Culture and Sport Minister arrived with his wife to honour the occasion. He gave a short speech, about introducing different cultures to a multi-ethnical society. Mr. Madjadla is the first and only Arab Minister within an Israeli Government.

There was no curtain to raise, or proper lighting but when Mira Awad stepped onto the stage there was much excitement within the audience. As the first duet began, a lot of giggling, movement in seats and general discomfort could be heard, however as the performance continued and the Arias got lighter, the audience became captivated. By the end, it was clear that the applause was not just out of politeness.

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On Sunday 16th December 2007 the Fund marked the 5th anniversary of Achi’s passing by holding a Seminar of lectures in a variety of subjects which represented Achi’s wide interests.

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